A family story...

One is cheeky, the other is cute... One is wise, the other is a reveller... One goes along the Mediterranean, the other walks the length of the Thames, the Seine or the Shinano... And yet, they teamed up to go into creation ...of all-gold jewellery. These fashion enthusiasts and trend lovers offer a fashionable collection, combining chic and urban styles. Each piece of jewellery embraces its own story, desire and symbol. No more gold jewellery put away in the chest - their jewels fill up with symbols and turn into timeless, trendy objects.  From the moon to the tree of life, from angel wings to the Eternals, their jewellery subtly combines religion, cosmopolitanism and lifestyle. Chains, bracelets and earrings come in a variety of gold - rose, white, yellow - enlacing white and black diamonds. The story goes on now with Feidt Nine, 9-carat gold jewellery or semi-precious stones, and the marcasites bring an extra vintage, chic hippies touch to the collections... Playing with materials and forms in order to redesign the world of creation - such is the vision of Feidt. 

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