Collier médaille icône oiseau


Through the “Icône” collection, Feidt pays tribute to the bird, which is a symbol of spirit and dreaming soul. The bird is a celestial symbol, related to the metaphors of soul. Dreaming of a bird means being aware of one’s own evolution and the spiritual aspect of mankind. The bird is also a symbol of peace and freedom in all civilisations as well as in literature and art.

Ici, le collier icône oiseau se décline en médaille ovale de 1.5 cm de largeur par 2 cm de hauteur monté sur une chaîne de 55 cm, constitué d’or 9 carats, incrusté de 36 pierres semi-précieuses et recouvert d’émail.

The Icône Oiseau collection is available in yellow gold and white gold. 

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Weight 4.10 g
Sizes 55 × 1 × 2 cm

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